Classes ~ The Gym Ballina

Tabata Circuits

Tabata is an exercise strategy alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. These short, intense workouts provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning.

30 Min Spin

Designed to combat time issues we designed this shorter 30 minute version of our very popular Spinning Class. Increase Fitness, shed those pounds and get in awesome shape in minimal time.


Pushed for Time? This short 30 minute class will engages multiple musclegroups to give a fullbody workout in a short period of time. Get Lean, Get Toned, Get to Kettleblitz!!


An array of different exercise styles to kick start your metabolism and turn your body into a fat-burning machine! The perfect start to a perfect day.


A fast paced cycling class that take will take you on the journey of a lifetime. Targeting your cardiovascular system, this class will increase fitness and help you shed those pounds and get into awesome shape.