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“Don’t expect to achieve remarkable results, with a half-hearted effort”

Not producing RESULTS?

Do you find yourself unable to produce results in your training, business, relationships, life recently? Do you feel you have become stagnant and stuck, unable to hit the targets and goals you originally set out for yourself. In this blog post, I will discuss some of the lessons I have learned and been taught in my time as a Coach.

Over the course of the last 12 years I have been very fortunate to meet and train with some outstanding leaders in the Health & Fitness Industry. Having been gifted with these opportunities has helped mould and shape my own views and the way in which I approach my daily life. Some things I use constantly while others are time dependant. All of them have had a positive effect on my business, fitness, relationships and life.    

  1. Always put your best foot forward

I was very fortunate a number of years ago to get the opportunity to train with Martin Rooney the founder/creator of the TFW system, and world renowned S&C coach. Martin has trained UFC fighters, Olympians, NFL Quarterbacks and more. One of the key lessons I took away from his sessions were…Every session is a performance. Make it count. If somebody is reliant on you, if somebody is counting on you…Regardless of how you are feeling, you owe it to yourself to give them 100%. If you approach every day, every workout session, every workday with all your effort, you will see progress. Always put your best foot forward.

  • Use a scoring system

When working out, score yourself on a scale of 1 to 10. Realise that the effort you put in to any goal or situation is what will determine your results at the end. Don’t expect to achieve remarkable results with a half-hearted effort. It’s often very easy to blame others for our lack of results, or a bad situation, however, there are certain things we can control. As human beings, we have the gift of self-awareness. We are the only species of life that have been gifted this unique ability. Use it during exercise and other stressful situations and you will start responding differently to those situations. I’ll often ask clients to score themselves on their performance during their training so that rather than just go through the motions they are actively thinking about each and every movement they do. This is a very powerful tool.

  • Act Confidently

In life we encounter moments which often lead to mental doubt and physical breakdowns. When you focus on better posture, maintain eye contact, speak slowly and clearly you appear more confident to others. Eventually you start to FEEL more confident. This confidence will need to a more positive nature and in turn better mental clarity. When we encounter significant moments and obstacles in our lives this confidence will be a defining factor in our approach to the situation. “confidence breeds success, success breeds confidence”.

  • Take your opportunities

SBG Ballina was born 5 years ago under the watchful eye of Coach John Kavanagh. The initial decision to get started was not an easy one but when I spoke to John his re-assurance was the motivation I needed. His advice…”just go for it, what’s the worst that can happen?”.

As the saying goes…”In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”


  • Be open to Failure

 “F.E.A.R false evidence appearing real”. We tell ourselves stories on a daily basis. Stories which affect our attitude, our personality, our emotions, our lives. More often than not, the FEAR OF FAILURE is the driving force behind these stories. We look to justify these fears by creating stories. Take chances, approach the fear head on and start writing your own stories.

  • Perseverance

“Each day you become one step closer to becoming a black belt OR one step closer to quitting”.

If something is worth having generally it is not that easily gotten. Pursue your goals with unrelenting passion. See it through. When you’re faced with a brick wall, climb over it. The difficulty in achieving a goal is the obstacles attached to achieving that goal. How we respond to the difficult moments will strengthen or break our resolve. When you face your obstacles head on, you make unimaginable progress.

  • Separate OPINION From FACT

We all share opinions. It’s important however, that we can differentiate opinions from facts. Recognise the difference. We let ourselves be influenced by other people’s words and opinions regularly and this can often affect us in various aspects of our lives. To reach your full potential, we need to learn to decipher those opinions and place less emphasis on them.

Remember, this is your journey and by allowing other peoples words to influence your actions and decisions you cannot truly approach each goal with complete effort. By listening to the words of others, you are allowing them to impose limitations on you. This will not serve you in achieving your goals. The only true opinion that matters on your journey is your own. You will be questioned, you will question yourself but once you keep moving forward you are getting closer to your goal.

  • Don’t be afraid to change things up

“Do what you have always done, and get what you have always gotten”. If you truly want better results, if you are committed to producing better results…change things up. Try a different approach. Einstein famously explained the definition of insanity as repeatedly doing the same thing but expecting a different result.

  • Educate Yourself

Use your free time to better effect. Start Listening to podcasts rather than music. Read books rather than watch TV. Double down on the things that interest you. Start doing things that will run in alignment with your goals and increase your chances of success. You will still have your down time but You will also be increasing your knowledge in the areas that matter to you. This increase in productivity will also feed into other areas of your life.


A Bird in the hand is not worth two in the bush!!

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